The Kingdom was among the first countries in Asia to introduce incentive policies for the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources. This has led to rapid growth - particularly in solar.

Thailand and Renewable Energy Development - A Platform for      Progress in the AEC

Dr. Twarath Sutabutr , the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, recently give us the honor of sharing his vision on the upcoming Asean Economic Community. His address was entitled; “Thailand and Renewable Energy Development towards AEC.”


Thailand’s support policies for renewable energy have allowed small projects to flourish, attracting more investment and leading to faster growth in the sector. Thai energy focuses on identifying factors that can create new policies and highlight lessons for future development.

‘ENERGY EFFICIENCY’: A Better World through Green Technology

Nowadays, the phrase “Energy Efficiency” is widely used in environmental articles on both Thai and foreign websites. Many think the phrase means the same as “Energy Conservation” or “Energy Savings”, but in fact it is quite different.

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Thailand has instituted a 20 - Year Energy Efficiency Development Plan (2011-2030) the target of which is to reduce energy usage by 25 % by 2030. Compared with 2005, this will be the equivalent of a 20 % reduction in energy consumption. Energy Efficiency (EE) plays an important role in strengthening energy security, lowering production cost, reducing trade deficit and increasing competitiveness. 

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